Best and Worst of the Golden Globes

This post is coming about a week late, but without further ado I give you my best and worst dress of the 2015 Golden Globes!

Generally speaking, red heads won the Globes for me with Ellie Kemper, Amy Adams, and Emma Stone in my top 5.  It seemed as though Hollywood put glamour back on the red carpet this year.  Of course some starlets opted for plunging necklines that left little to the imagination.  I’m looking at you JLO.

I think most viewers agree on the majority of the worst dressed celebs.  The main theme I notice in my top 5 worst dressed is too much fabric.  Kiera Knightly with a ruffled bib, Claire Danes in a throw blanket, Lana Del Rey in an 80s bridesmaid dress, and Olivia Pope herself as 90s Barbie.  And then there is Rosamund Pike who went the opposite direction showing too much skin.  Typically, I’d love this dress but the new momma should have opted for something with a little more lift.  This fabric pulls the girls down to her belly button.  Sorry, but this dress needs to be gone, girl.


Who rounded out your list?  Can’t wait to see who dresses to impress for the SAG awards!



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