Best and Worst: SAG Awards

Do I have unusually high standards, or is the red carpet lacking this awards season?  I really struggled finding my top 5 best dressed at Sunday night’s SAG Awards.  And not because everyone was dressed to impress. No, no, no.


My bests feature jewel tones, well-tailored tuxes, and some repeat offenders from the Globes.  I’m so glad that Camilla Alves stepped up her game since the Globes.  Looking like a true star only made her movie star hubby look even worse in his ill fitted blue tux.

Hopefully, my worst dressed list doesn’t need much explanation.  From too nude to wrinkled taffeta, so many gowns looked like something I could find at a boutique and wear as a disgruntled bridesmaid.


I selected Natalie Dormer, front and center, because she has the potential to be so high fashion.  A little edgy and a lotta beauty make her the perfect starlette to wow us on the carpet! King Joffrey would not have approved.

Here’s hoping the Oscars are better!



Best and Worst of the Golden Globes

This post is coming about a week late, but without further ado I give you my best and worst dress of the 2015 Golden Globes!

Generally speaking, red heads won the Globes for me with Ellie Kemper, Amy Adams, and Emma Stone in my top 5.  It seemed as though Hollywood put glamour back on the red carpet this year.  Of course some starlets opted for plunging necklines that left little to the imagination.  I’m looking at you JLO.

I think most viewers agree on the majority of the worst dressed celebs.  The main theme I notice in my top 5 worst dressed is too much fabric.  Kiera Knightly with a ruffled bib, Claire Danes in a throw blanket, Lana Del Rey in an 80s bridesmaid dress, and Olivia Pope herself as 90s Barbie.  And then there is Rosamund Pike who went the opposite direction showing too much skin.  Typically, I’d love this dress but the new momma should have opted for something with a little more lift.  This fabric pulls the girls down to her belly button.  Sorry, but this dress needs to be gone, girl.


Who rounded out your list?  Can’t wait to see who dresses to impress for the SAG awards!


Quick Guide: Best of Birchbox 2014


I am nearing the end of my year-long subscription to Birchbox.  I signed up on a whim for $100 thinking that the monthly package would be something to look forward to and hopefully introduce me to some new brands.

After filling out a survey about my hair color, texture, skin tone, etc, I was excited to get products perfectly catered to my fair skin and sunscreen addiction.  I found that some of the products could not have hit the nail on the head better, however typically half the box was products that I never mentioned liking or using in my questionnaire – things like under eye cream and skincare products (I have extremely sensitive skin so I don’t care for trying lotions that I’m unfamiliar with).

Overall, I tallied up the products that I loved and it more than justified the $100 sticker price.  Just don’t expect many products from their home + food category.  Although, the one thing that I did get (Dang Coconut Chips) was probably one of my favorite things!

So here you are!  The best of Birchbox 2014:


Beauty Protector Conditioner

Number 4 Hydrating Shampoo

Amika Dry Shampoo 


Folle de Joie Eau de Parfum

English Laundry 




Dang Coconut Chips


Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette

Pixi by Petra Lip Balm

The Balm Lou-manizer

Beauty Blender 

Benefit They’re Real Mascara



Monday Motivation


Some of my greatest opportunities have come from showing up somewhere when I felt like laying in bed all day.  You never know what is waiting around the corner, so put your best face forward and have a great week!


Fall Favorites 2014


In most parts of the country, Fall is already in full swing!  Seeing the Today show crew out on the plaza with light jackets amazes me when I can open the door and go outside in a bathing suit every single day.  But, I’m not complaining!  To me, this just means I get some extra time to plan my fall style essentials.

I would call my style a hybrid of classic and preppy with a smidge of edginess here and there.  This year, I am foreseeing texture, sparkle, and exciting pops of patterns!

1.  Puffer Vests –  I have envied every girl wearing a puffer vest for too long.  This year, I take the plunge!  For a Tampa Fall (read: 1-2 days), they are perfect to style with a great long sleeve tee.  I’m thinking stripes + glitter to keep a look that can quickly turn hunter-esque a bit more feminine.  Source:  JCrew Factory 

2. Luxury Sweaters – Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?  But this season is all about sweaters that go the extra mile.  Whether that is leather elbow patches or bedazzled collars, these sweaters are far from typical.  The best part?  They are still so comfortable!  Source: JCrew Factory

3. Oversized + Sexy – This is similar to luxury sweaters in that it sounds like an oxymoron but is actually a comfortable option.  And it is flattering on a body that maybe skipped a view gym trips in favor of a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  This trend matches perfectly with #6 to sex it up and #7 for a day-time look.  Source: Unknown

4. Stacked –  I know this is an older trend, but I love packing on the rings in the fall.  There is something about long sleeves bringing attention down to the hands that makes me give a little extra attention to them in the cooler months.  This featured option is a quality choice, but more affordable ones can be found at Kohl’s. Just make sure that you take them off when washing your hands, as the color can fade easily.   Source: Stella and Dot

5. Go Bold –  I love layering a bold statement necklace with a sweater over a collared shirt in the fall.  It is so easy to get lost in what I call the “Fall Frump”, meaning that anything that covers you completely is acceptable as an outfit.  Adding a little sparkle is an easy remedy to this epidemic.  Source: Stella and Dot

6. Faux Leather –  So was your first thought of Ross from Friends stuck in his leather pants?  If not, here is the link.  Cracked me up.  I think Lauren Conrad thought these through.  They add a little sheen and interest to an ensemble, and they look really comfortable.  Source: Kohl’s  (currently on sale for $21)

7. Skinny Minnie –  Is a skinny jean ever not in style?  I love to amp up my collection in the fall since I am fitting boots over them constantly.  I’ve tried jeggings and yoga pants (I’m sorry), but nothing compares to the perfect skinny jean.  When you find it, I won’t hold it against you if you buy about 15 pair.  Source: Old Navy

8. Bag Lady –  My name is Jessica, and I have a problem.  I have bags busting out of my closet all the time!  I cannot get enough of them.  This smaller style looks perfect for an afternoon in a pumpkin patch or a corn maze.  The black + brown go with any outfit ever.  Really.  Source: Shopbop

9. Plaid + Loafers –  I think this combo is the rare occurrence of two extremely old school things making one awesome modern look.  Don’t get me wrong, this can easily be a trend that looks like it comes from your great-grandfather’s wardrobe.  To avoid this, be sure to choose a more feminine shoe, and a plaid that is versatile.  Source: Shopbop

10. Plum Paws – Alright ladies, put the bright pinks and neons away for awhile in exchange for a beautiful plum.  A great combination of red + purple, OPI’s Anti-bleak adds a little edge to your look without being too out-of-the-box.  Source: OPI (try the nail studio tool to check the color on your skin tone)

11. Revealed –  The Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette can easily transition from summer to fall.  Just work your way to the right side of the palette.  The plum undertones will complement your nails perfectly!  Source: Coastal Scents

12. Pucker Up! – Don’t forget that Fall is when your skin gets drier.  The avoid flaky lips, try Pixi’s Shea Lip Balm.  This is another find from Birchbox that I love.  I have Honey Nectar, and it really is a great nude and natural color.  It doesn’t leave your lips feeling like sand paper, and the colors fades consistently so you aren’t splotchy.  Function and beauty, people!  Source: Pixi by Petra

Cheers + Sunshine, 


Life Hack: Gel Manicure

Gel-Manicure-HackI’ll start this post with a quote by Zooey Deschanel, ” I don’t like plain nails.  I get sad.”  I’m sure this rings true for millions of ladies out there, including myself.  I thought that my prayers had been answered with the invention of the gel manicure.  However, after months of manicures every two weeks, my nails were left weak and thin and my mind a little concerned about the UV rays.

After letting my natural nails see the light of day for a few months, I was ready to get back on the manicure horse, but my wallet wasn’t.  I am at a point in my life where saving money is my first priority, so dropping $40+ every two weeks for a relaxing gel manicure wasn’t on the agenda.  So began my search for a long-lasting manicure….

I tried everything you will see on Pinterest, but nothing worked as well as the combination of Gelous, Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy, and INM Out the Door top coat.  This routine didn’t require more coats than my typical at home manicure, and it cost a total of $13.  Just one coat of Gelous, two of your Revlon Colorstay, and one of Out the door, and you’re set.

Here’s the trick:  proper nail prep + thin layers.  First, make sure that your nails are completely clean.  Use your nail polish remover and give each nail a good scrub to get all the natural oils off.  Each layer of polish that you put on should be thin enough that it dries completely in minutes.  Waiting for a completely dry layer each time is ideal, but oftentimes unrealistic.

This manicure lasts about 5 days with zero chips.  Just enough to get you through the work week.  For a longer lasting mani, choose lighter colors that won’t show chips.

Do you have a routine that you prefer?  Let me know your gel manicure hack!

Cheers + Sunshine,



Basic Bedside Beauty


As far as I’m concerned, your skin is one of those things you’re stuck with.  You can tan it and tighten it, but either way you’re still going to have to look at it everyday in the mirror.  Being an extremely fair-skinned person, I had the importance of proper skin care instilled in me at a young age.

In addition to applying sunscreen to my face (at minimum) daily, I follow a simple bedside beauty routine to hydrate my skin as it rests overnight.  My routine consists of devoting attention to the areas listed above: knees + elbows, feet, hands, cuticles, face, and lips.

Knees + Elbows:  There is nothing worse than seeing scaly skin on a stranger’s knees or elbows.  It is simple to avoid by moisturizing these areas daily.  I use Nivea Smooth Sensation Lotion.  It is definitely a heavier, more oily product, but that works well on the these tough spots.  Rub the product in thoroughly to make sure that it penetrates the top thicker layer of skin.

Feet: Ahhh, the feet.  Particularly in Florida, people are subject to seeing other’s feet more than elsewhere.  Do humanity a favor, and take better care of them!  I have found that the best way to do so starts in the shower.  Either while still showering, or immediately after, hit those callouses with a pumice stone.  This will remove a lot of dead skin.  If you still have some trouble spots, draw up a foot bath of equal parts Listerine and white vinegar and pour it into warm water.  Let your feet sit for 20 minutes, and the dead skin will practically fall off. ( No, really.  It will fall off your feet.  It is like a mad science experiment.)  After you’ve dried off, but while your feet are still moist, apply more of  Nivea Smooth Sensation Lotion.  Put on some socks and let your feet soak up the moisture overnight.  They will feel fresh and smooth in the morning!

Hands: Your hands do so much every day.  You don’t really realize that they are involved in nearly everything you do, and are typically exposed to sunlight the most.  Make sure you protect them with sunscreen during the day.  I love Supergoop!  I got it for the first time as a Birchbox sample, and it has been one of my favorite new finds.  It applies like a lotion and doesn’t leave you sticky.  At the end of the day, apply Jergens Original Scent Lotion.  This product is lighter and leaves you less greasy, so you can still open your water bottle afterwards.

Cuticles: Personally, I love a good manicure.  But a few days after, don’t you notice that your cuticles are already dry and peeling?  That’s why I started using Lemony Flutter from Lush.  The scent is amazing – refreshing and citrusy without being overwhelming.  I massage it into my cuticles every night, and it keeps my manicure looking like new!

Face: I have oily + sensitive skin.  Lucky me!  I have searched high and low, and I have finally landed on an overnight cream that gives me the softest skin in the morning – Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream.  Apply just a dime size amount of cream, and massage it onto your face ( and I continue onto my neck as well).  When I first started using it, I could feel results after ONE use!  Highly recommended!

Lips:  I have flip-flopped between lip balms, creams, Chapstick, etc. for overnight use, but usually still end up with flaky lips in the morning.  (Maybe I sleep with my mouth wide open? I’m not saying I do, and I’m not saying I dont!)  So I went back to basics.  Yes, Carmex.  I keep a jar of Everyday Healing Lip Balm next to my bed, and apply it last thing before I hit the lights, and I know fresh, smooth lips are in my future.

There you have it!  A simple bedside beauty routine that will cost you no more than $50 a quarter and 10 minutes each night.  It may seem like a daunting list to do after a night on the town, but just remember how refreshed you will feel the next morning.  So, hydrate and sleep tight!

Cheers + Sunshine,