Weekend Wishlist: 1.31.15 – 2.1.15


Weekend, weekend, weekend!  I’m excited for beautiful weekend weather and these five things….

1.  We live in a 1925 home so recessed can lighting is a dream.  Our reality is lamps on lamps on lamps.  This Home Goods Blog article about adding light and keeping it light is right up my alley.  Home Goods can do no wrong.

2.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  I am working on collecting my favorite V-day stationery to share. Stay posted, and in the meantime check out this list of punny cards from BuzzFeed – the end all be all of lists.

3.  Spring is also right around the corner.  What?! That was fast.  I am loving this ruffled one piece from Antrhopologie for swimsuit season.  One piece means I don’t have to use an entire bottle of sunscreen in one outing.  High five!

4.  Grapefruit Margarita under 120 calories from Wine and Glue.  Enough said.

5.  I have a lot of outdoor time in my future which means SUNSCREEN!  I’d like to look a bit presentable while lathered up in SPF so my go to is always Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with SPF.  Check out Pink Peonies feminine look using this product.

6.  I’m also thinking a boho braided crown would be ideal for heading outside.  I love this tutorial from Treasures and Travel.  Should we start taking bets on the odds that my hair ends up in a ponytail?

Have a safe + happy weekend!




Weekend Wishlist: 1.24.15 – 1.25.15


Happy Weekend! Here’s what is on my mind….

1.  I joined the healthy living wagon that Nico has been driving for a few weeks now.  As much as I hate to admit that he is right (which he is most of the time), I feel so much better.  We are watching out caloric intake and monitoring weight, BMI, and body fat percentages.  Now its time to inject a little more cardio and strength training to this routine like this circuit workout from Yahoo! Health.

2.  Tampa natives know that Gasparilla is right around the corner, mateys! Instead of carrying a flask or tumbler this year, what about some spiked popsicles?  Try this Bourbon Peaches and Cream Popsicle in one hand and an Ybor City cigar in the other!

3.  Currently coveting:  this houndstooth quilted skirt.  Only $30 right now!  Extra Petite styled it on her Instagram this week, and I am officially addicted to her blog now.

4.  I’ve got Charleston on my mind.  We honeymooned in this beautiful southern destination, and I am ready to make a trip back!  Check out this Harper’s Bazaar guide to a historic, beautiful, and tasty city!

5.  I’ve had a hectic week!  Without going into all the details, I’m really valuing family and grateful for all the blessings in my life.  Love this quote from Cottage and Vine.  

6.  Especially in Florida, warm weather is right around the corner (it’s actually 80 today, but hey it’s not 90!).  Thinking about chopping off my locks in favor of this summer lob.  Gotta start building up my courage now!

Have a great weekend!


Weekend Wishlist: 1.17.15 – 1.18.15


Is is just me, or is a lazy weekend in order?  Chilly weather and clouds in the forecast means these 6 mellow things are on my mind.

1.  This is probably the most tasking thing on the list – drawer organizing.  ( I told you – LAZY weekend.)  My master bath vanity is a mess.  It is time to clean those bad boys out and develop some sort of semblance of system in the land of face wash, mascara, and tampons.  I’m getting inspiration from this post by iHeart Organizing.

2.  Unfortunately, the cable went out at our place Saturday night, which means I missed the Golden Globes (and more importantly, the red carpet!).  I’m hoping to catch the highlights and browse The Fashion Police pics this weekend and put together my best and worst dressed, even though I’m pretty sure that Emma Stone wins.

3.  If my last Weekend Wishlist is any inclination, I need to put together a blog planner instead of jotting ideas on sticky notes.  I am loving Designer Blogs’ Kit that includes monthly views, analytics, and social media tips.

4.  Nothing is easier than crockpot meals.  Oddly enough, these meals are also some of the most delicious.  I’m feeling some Chicken Burrito Bowls from thekitchn, how ’bout you?

5.  I’m thinking the perfect attire for this weekend is sweatpants.  Inspired by my spirit animal, Mindy Kaling, I am currently coveting these Zoe Karssen sweatpants.  Check out Shopbop for more options!

6.  After sitting at the computer for just a morning, my back aches like crazy.  I am actually considering taking up yoga to help me stretch out.  I will be starting with these 10 secrets and YouTube.  Wish me luck!

And for your viewing pleasure, check out the SNL Digital Short Lazy Sunday because I’ll be singing this all weekend long.  It’s the Chronic – WHAT – cles of Narnia.

Happy Weekend!


Weekend Wishlist: 1.3.15- 1.4.15


Happy New Year! I love the refreshing feeling of starting a new chapter in life.  This weekend, I’m focusing on ways to start the new year on the right foot.

1.  For this past Christmas, Nico and I got a Q+A a Day book for one of our beautiful friends.  Even though we have only filled out a day in it so far, I think this will be a great way to learn more about ourselves and one another.  The questions can range from “What is your mission?” to “What did you wear today?”.

2.  Starting anew is difficult to do when you have a mess to deal with.  I will be using Kate Spade Desk Accessories to add some sanity to work-life this year.  Check out this office inspired by the trendy accessories.

3.  I’m all about sweet potatoes thanks to my sis-in-law.  We had whipped s.ps on Christmas and then s.p fries two days later.  I’m looking to exchange frozen tater tots with this recipe from The Comfort of Cooking for Crispy Baked S.P. Fried.  Yum!

4.  Winter in Florida is pretty beautiful.  There is not much need for trenches or real boots, so I’ll be looking at these tips on how to make the most out of any cardigan.  

5.  After the holidays, there is a bit of a lull in excitement.  To avoid a post-holiday rut, try 1 of these 5 Things to Try this Weekend including planning a winter dinner party.

6.  Put your best face forward this year with 10 Steps to Fresher, Younger Skin in 2015 from The Everygirl.

Looking forward to a great year!


Weekend Wishlist: 12.27 – 12.28


I hope everyone had a great holiday season!  I spent lots of quality time with family (hence my recent absence), but now I am back and ready to ring in the new year!

1.  I am very guilty of hoarding wrapping paper and carefully opening packages to keep it as intact as possible.  Thankfully, BuzzFeed has compiled a list of uses for leftover paper.  My favorite is shredding it into paper confetti perfect for when the clock strikes midnight on NYE.

2. I have exhausted my plaid wardrobe recently.  Now I’m looking for some winter alternatives like this blush and gold infinity scarf from Francesca’s.  Still festive and a nice change to dark winter colors.

3.  Looking for some healthy tips on how to use those Christmas dinner leftovers? Look no further.

4.  Uptown. Funk you up.  Uptown funk you up.  This Bruno Mars jam is an instant mood lifter.  And the dancing is on pointe in the video.  Have a watch!

5.  Ready for another holiday?  Me neither, so I’ll be using these 25 DIY New Year’s Eve Projects.

6.  Let’s focus on what really matters – we are so close to awards season!  This year we have NPH, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler hosting so we are in for quite an entertaining few weeks.  Thanks, HelloGiggles, for reminding me that just because the holidays are over, there is so much to look forward to with this Oscar teaser starring NPH.

Have a great weekend!



Weekend Wishlist: 12.13 – 12.14


If it is feeling like winter in central FL, I can only imagine how the rest of the country feels.  I hope you’re enjoying a warm cup of coffee with your morning Weekend Wishlist.  Have a great weekend!

1.  One of my favorite winter looks is tulle skirts.  You can dress them up for a holiday party or pair with a sweatshirt and some sparkle for a more casual look.  I wonder how men feel about this trend, but at the same time I could care less because I LOVE it.

2.  I love including inspiring quotes on the Weekend Wishlist just to inject a little positivity into the world.  This week, choosing was difficult so here are 40 inspiring quotes.

3.  I was recently introduced to macaroons and OMG.  They are the perfect tiny treat.  I’ve read they are extremely difficult to make, but the recipe for these Christmas inspired frostings (milk chocolate mocha ganache, eggnog marshmallow fluff, and white chocolate peppermint buttercream) are to die for.  Festive and delicious is a good way to show up to a party.

4.  Speaking of mmmmmm…check out this warm blueberry hot bread.  That sounds like a great way to start your day, right?! If you’re not feeling this option, the link includes another recipe for a more savory blueberry cornbread.  Win – win!

5.  With all the heels involved in holiday partying, you’re going to need a few tips to avoid severe new year back pain.  These 6 tips to improve your posture will get your through the season and into the new year with some good habits.

6.  I have been coveting this scarf that Southern Curls + Pearls wears for too long now.  Good news – it’s only about $12 now!  I repeat, now is the moment to strike!  If you need a little inspiration, jump around her blog to see all the perfect ways she styles this piece.

Happy weekend!