10 Ways I’m Making 2015 Different

72e489719a2db0ddfc4e59060fc68435At just 25 years old, I have found myself saying things like “That’s just the way I am” or “Can’t change that”.  How ridiculous is that?  I have the ability to make myself better everyday.  As this new year approaches, I am focusing on how to better myself and the world around me little by little.  I’ll be focusing on these 10 goals to make 2015 a year of growth for me.

1. Live in the moment – Have you ever been out to dinner with your partner or at drinks with the girls and you can’t help but think about tomorrow’s things to do list? I’ve missed out on little details that make the right now special, and those are moments you can’t get back.

2. Stop worrying about things out of my control – This should probably be number one according to Nico.  I worry about everything, especially things out of my control – flying, other people’s decisions, making everyone happy, and the list goes on and on.  This year, I’ll be stopping to breathe and think it through.

3. Make smart life choices, but don’t forget to be spontaneous – Having been married and purchased a home before I was 25, I feel mature for my age.  Oftentimes, we have conversations about money, babies, the future, and we lose sight of the fact that we are in our mid-twenties.  While I won’t be spending all our savings on sport cars, I will be filling myself with a bit more youth and spunk for life.

4. Be confident – Like most women, I struggle with this frequently.  I will be trying to see myself the way others see me rather than strive to reach unrealistic goals.

5. Volunteer time and efforts – For the last 6 months, I have been volunteering a lot more.  It has really exposed me to things that I would have never known about – human trafficking in Tampa, adoptions, teaching children about nutrition.  Volunteering (and in turn learning about my community) is a priority for 2015.

6. Read more books – Confession: 99% of the time, I will wait for the movie.  I go through phases during which I enjoy cuddling up with a book, and I need to carry that warm fuzzy with me to 2015.  I think Lena Dunham, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler will be helping me along the way.

7. Be less blonde – By this I mean be less of a ditz.  In uncomfortable or new situations, I tend to giggle and come off wrong.  Once again, taking a moment to breathe and think about my actions should nip this in the bud.

8. Focus on health, not a number on a scale – After being a complete glutton over the Christmas season, I am ready to focus on nutrition and general health rather than losing weight.  Even though I’d really like to lose 3 pounds.


9. Stop caring about what other people think  – I’m never going to make everyone happy.  But, seriously, why I am I so preoccupied with what a stranger in Target thinks about my new top?  I’m frustrating myself just thinking about the time I’ve spent caring about what others think.  This year, I’ll be worried about being true to myself first.

10. Travel – This one is difficult for me because I am a creature of habit.  Oh yeah, and I have a debilitating fear of flying.  Hopefully, with a little help from my travel buddies, I will be able to overcome this fear and see the world!

I hope everyone is honest with themselves when making resolutions this week.  Think about what you really want and pinpoint how you can make that happen.  Happy New Year everyone!

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Holiday Gifts for Every Price Point


This year, my husband and I are taking a hiatus from giving each other big gifts in favor of experience gifts – i.e tickets to a concert, a weekend getaway, etc.  Naturally, this makes me want anything bright and shiny ten times more which basically makes me an expert in the field of holiday gifts.  Here is my complete list of gifts for any price point.  Happy Shopping!

Biscuit Bubble Cocktail Glasses | Gigi New York Uber Clutch | C. Wonder Slippers | Mark + Graham Travel Jewelry Case | David Yurman X Crossover Ring | Lulu + Georgia Gold Flatware Set | Graphic Image Passport Holder | J. Crew PJs | Society Social Blanket | Kohl’s Booties | Rifle Paper Co. Phone Cover | Baublebar Pendant | Sole Society WeekenderKate Spade Watch 



Season’s Greeting Cards


After a relaxing week off, I am excited to welcome this holiday season!  Even with all the technological advances these days, the winter holiday season is one of the only times people still send actual cards.  I am a self-proclaimed stationery enthusiast so this makes me extremely happy!  I have compiled some of my favorite holiday cards for your viewing pleasure.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

So whip out those pens and get to mailing!


Feelin’ Muggy


What is up with this weather?  If you must go outside, take one of these stylish mugs for a warm cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.

one | two | three | four | five |six

As for me? I’ll be cuddling up with my favorite Crate + Barrel mug (similar here on clearance). They’re perfect for Sharpie pen projects.

Stay warm!



Best Planners for the New Year + Tips for Getting Organized



I know what you’re thinking.  Now that Halloween has passed, everything is Christmas.  Well lookout big box retailers, I’m jumping straight to New Year’s! Boo ya! My thinking is you have to order your planner well in advance to have it prepped and ready to go before the ball drops!

Along with the rejuvenation of that weight loss goal that is quickly squashed by Valentine’s Day (mmmm Godiva truffles) and watching that disco ball fall out of the sky, refreshing my organization system is one of my favorite things about the New Year! The smell of fresh pages reminds me that my goals aren’t quite as far away as I may imagine.  So get your washi tape, highlighters, and pens out! It’s time to organize!

1. Kate Spade Gold Dots – This is my current obsession.  This is a 17 month agenda (August ’14 – December ’15) has the ideal amount of space to jot notes with a daily and monthly view without too much room taken up for inspirational quotes and fun facts.  The medium agenda fits great in my totes for the day and is light weight.

2. Lily Pulitzer Trippin and Sippin – I used this planner in college.  Ah, the days of free time and naps.  I’d recommend this planner for more playful whimsicial people.  It has a similar amount of space in the weekly and monthly views to write, and it comes with stickers and an Astrological overlook section.  I haven’t read them all, but I’m assuming pretty much everyone can look foward to good fortune in the new year according to Lily.

3.  Jonathan Adler–  The 2015 agendas aren’t on the site yet, but I imagine they will be similar to the 2014 versions.  I would call this the hybrid of 1 + 2.  It has the functionality of Kate Spade with plenty of pockets for receipts and notes with the fun patterns and bright colors of Lily Pulitizer.  Who knew that if Kate Spade and Lily Pulitizer had a baby it would be Jonathan Adler?

4.  Design Love Planner – This year’s dark horse was found on Etsy, but she also has a great website that I linked to.  Clean lines, fun prints, checklists, and budgeting sections make this planner perfect for young professionals!  It is also a little bit smaller than my other picks so it should fit right into your purse!

5.  The Simplified Planner – Emily Ley has pretty much perfected organized living for the busy woman.  With her Home Base Binder and free printables, there is really no excuse for a messy mom station.  The Simplified Planner features inspirational quotes, sections for meal planning, and a side by side schedule and to-do list.  Since this was designed by a mother + entrepreneur, its perfect for the busy working woman who wants to maintain order on the homefront.

Now that you have the platform, you need the right tools to achieve complete organization.  Use my favorite tricks listed below and enjoy a year of efficiency.



1.  Use washi tape to block off days – Washi tape is not a trend – it can do pretty much everything except solve world hunger.  I love to color code my tapes with a theme like work, volunteering, or vacation and then write the exact details on top of the washi tape.  Without reading exactly what it is I need to do, I know I have something booked.  Plus, it adds a little color to a white page.

2. Keep making lists – I make lists of lists which as you can imagine can be confusing.  So I always have a highlighter to mark the top 5 things I need to get done ASAP.  Once I cross one item off, I highlight another and the vicious circle continues.

3.  Sticky notes for ongoing items – If I randomly think of something that needs to happen in the near-ish future, I write it on a sticky note to stick on my weekly view in my planner.  That way, if I complete my top highlighted daily tasks, I can glance over at my weekly task and tackle some of those.

4. Pencils are not just for middle school – I will always have a pencil with me.  I make lots of tentative plans so that if one engagement falls through, I have a back up.  If I think something has a 50% chance of changing, I write it in pencil.  What I’m getting at is either start carrying a pencil or white out.

5.  Two ways to use paper clips – Depending on the time of year ( i.e. how many pages I have gone through in my planner), I will either clip the day that I am currently working on OR all of the past days.  As I get farther into the year, it wastes too much time to flip through all the past months to get to my daily view, so I bundle them up and clip them – it makes getting to the tasks at hand quicker.  If you’re in the earlier months of the planner, just clip your day.  The clip is less likely to fall out with fewer pages in there.

What do you do to stay organized?  I love new tips and tricks so share them with me below!


S’mores Bar for Under $30


Looking to get rid of your Halloween candy before you accidentally binge on it while watching Scandal? (Not that I did that or anything.)  This weekend we hosted some friends for a bonfire + a s’mores bar.  It was a great way to use our extra candy without tossing it.  Easy and delicious!  Below are the items we included in our set up.  All items were easy to find at Target, and the entire purchase was under $30.

Graham Crackers:  Honey + Cinnamon

Spreads: Nutella + Peanut Butter

Candies:  Reese’s cups, mini Crunch bars, mini Butterfingers, Ghirahelli caramel squares, and white chocolate bars

Marshmallows: Traditional + Neapolitan



Work It in Blush, Gold, and Aqua




If you have ever had to bring work home with you (or you always work from home), you know how important having a “happy place” is.  As I write this from my dining table, I image myself in the perfect home office that is bright, functional, and inspirational.  I’ve combined my office essentials to create the ideal blush, gold, and aqua home office.

one  |  two  | three  | four  |  five  |  six  |  seven  |  eight  |  nine   | ten