Weekend Wishlist: 1.17.15 – 1.18.15


Is is just me, or is a lazy weekend in order?  Chilly weather and clouds in the forecast means these 6 mellow things are on my mind.

1.  This is probably the most tasking thing on the list – drawer organizing.  ( I told you – LAZY weekend.)  My master bath vanity is a mess.  It is time to clean those bad boys out and develop some sort of semblance of system in the land of face wash, mascara, and tampons.  I’m getting inspiration from this post by iHeart Organizing.

2.  Unfortunately, the cable went out at our place Saturday night, which means I missed the Golden Globes (and more importantly, the red carpet!).  I’m hoping to catch the highlights and browse The Fashion Police pics this weekend and put together my best and worst dressed, even though I’m pretty sure that Emma Stone wins.

3.  If my last Weekend Wishlist is any inclination, I need to put together a blog planner instead of jotting ideas on sticky notes.  I am loving Designer Blogs’ Kit that includes monthly views, analytics, and social media tips.

4.  Nothing is easier than crockpot meals.  Oddly enough, these meals are also some of the most delicious.  I’m feeling some Chicken Burrito Bowls from thekitchn, how ’bout you?

5.  I’m thinking the perfect attire for this weekend is sweatpants.  Inspired by my spirit animal, Mindy Kaling, I am currently coveting these Zoe Karssen sweatpants.  Check out Shopbop for more options!

6.  After sitting at the computer for just a morning, my back aches like crazy.  I am actually considering taking up yoga to help me stretch out.  I will be starting with these 10 secrets and YouTube.  Wish me luck!

And for your viewing pleasure, check out the SNL Digital Short Lazy Sunday because I’ll be singing this all weekend long.  It’s the Chronic – WHAT – cles of Narnia.

Happy Weekend!


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