Weekend Wishlist: 1.24.15 – 1.25.15


Happy Weekend! Here’s what is on my mind….

1.  I joined the healthy living wagon that Nico has been driving for a few weeks now.  As much as I hate to admit that he is right (which he is most of the time), I feel so much better.  We are watching out caloric intake and monitoring weight, BMI, and body fat percentages.  Now its time to inject a little more cardio and strength training to this routine like this circuit workout from Yahoo! Health.

2.  Tampa natives know that Gasparilla is right around the corner, mateys! Instead of carrying a flask or tumbler this year, what about some spiked popsicles?  Try this Bourbon Peaches and Cream Popsicle in one hand and an Ybor City cigar in the other!

3.  Currently coveting:  this houndstooth quilted skirt.  Only $30 right now!  Extra Petite styled it on her Instagram this week, and I am officially addicted to her blog now.

4.  I’ve got Charleston on my mind.  We honeymooned in this beautiful southern destination, and I am ready to make a trip back!  Check out this Harper’s Bazaar guide to a historic, beautiful, and tasty city!

5.  I’ve had a hectic week!  Without going into all the details, I’m really valuing family and grateful for all the blessings in my life.  Love this quote from Cottage and Vine.  

6.  Especially in Florida, warm weather is right around the corner (it’s actually 80 today, but hey it’s not 90!).  Thinking about chopping off my locks in favor of this summer lob.  Gotta start building up my courage now!

Have a great weekend!



5 thoughts on “Weekend Wishlist: 1.24.15 – 1.25.15

  1. Pop says:

    That skirt is SO cute! And thanks for introducing me to Extra Petite! She’s put some really nice looking outfits together!

    Weekend Wishlist is my favorite segment on your blog! 🙂

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