Best and Worst: SAG Awards

Do I have unusually high standards, or is the red carpet lacking this awards season?  I really struggled finding my top 5 best dressed at Sunday night’s SAG Awards.  And not because everyone was dressed to impress. No, no, no.


My bests feature jewel tones, well-tailored tuxes, and some repeat offenders from the Globes.  I’m so glad that Camilla Alves stepped up her game since the Globes.  Looking like a true star only made her movie star hubby look even worse in his ill fitted blue tux.

Hopefully, my worst dressed list doesn’t need much explanation.  From too nude to wrinkled taffeta, so many gowns looked like something I could find at a boutique and wear as a disgruntled bridesmaid.


I selected Natalie Dormer, front and center, because she has the potential to be so high fashion.  A little edgy and a lotta beauty make her the perfect starlette to wow us on the carpet! King Joffrey would not have approved.

Here’s hoping the Oscars are better!



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