Weekend Wishlist: 1.3.15- 1.4.15


Happy New Year! I love the refreshing feeling of starting a new chapter in life.  This weekend, I’m focusing on ways to start the new year on the right foot.

1.  For this past Christmas, Nico and I got a Q+A a Day book for one of our beautiful friends.  Even though we have only filled out a day in it so far, I think this will be a great way to learn more about ourselves and one another.  The questions can range from “What is your mission?” to “What did you wear today?”.

2.  Starting anew is difficult to do when you have a mess to deal with.  I will be using Kate Spade Desk Accessories to add some sanity to work-life this year.  Check out this office inspired by the trendy accessories.

3.  I’m all about sweet potatoes thanks to my sis-in-law.  We had whipped s.ps on Christmas and then s.p fries two days later.  I’m looking to exchange frozen tater tots with this recipe from The Comfort of Cooking for Crispy Baked S.P. Fried.  Yum!

4.  Winter in Florida is pretty beautiful.  There is not much need for trenches or real boots, so I’ll be looking at these tips on how to make the most out of any cardigan.  

5.  After the holidays, there is a bit of a lull in excitement.  To avoid a post-holiday rut, try 1 of these 5 Things to Try this Weekend including planning a winter dinner party.

6.  Put your best face forward this year with 10 Steps to Fresher, Younger Skin in 2015 from The Everygirl.

Looking forward to a great year!



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