Weekend Wishlist: 12.13 – 12.14


If it is feeling like winter in central FL, I can only imagine how the rest of the country feels.  I hope you’re enjoying a warm cup of coffee with your morning Weekend Wishlist.  Have a great weekend!

1.  One of my favorite winter looks is tulle skirts.  You can dress them up for a holiday party or pair with a sweatshirt and some sparkle for a more casual look.  I wonder how men feel about this trend, but at the same time I could care less because I LOVE it.

2.  I love including inspiring quotes on the Weekend Wishlist just to inject a little positivity into the world.  This week, choosing was difficult so here are 40 inspiring quotes.

3.  I was recently introduced to macaroons and OMG.  They are the perfect tiny treat.  I’ve read they are extremely difficult to make, but the recipe for these Christmas inspired frostings (milk chocolate mocha ganache, eggnog marshmallow fluff, and white chocolate peppermint buttercream) are to die for.  Festive and delicious is a good way to show up to a party.

4.  Speaking of mmmmmm…check out this warm blueberry hot bread.  That sounds like a great way to start your day, right?! If you’re not feeling this option, the link includes another recipe for a more savory blueberry cornbread.  Win – win!

5.  With all the heels involved in holiday partying, you’re going to need a few tips to avoid severe new year back pain.  These 6 tips to improve your posture will get your through the season and into the new year with some good habits.

6.  I have been coveting this scarf that Southern Curls + Pearls wears for too long now.  Good news – it’s only about $12 now!  I repeat, now is the moment to strike!  If you need a little inspiration, jump around her blog to see all the perfect ways she styles this piece.

Happy weekend!



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