Weekend Wishlist: 12.6 – 12.7


Another weekend is upon us.  High five!  I’ve got loads of holiday-esque thoughts rolling around in my head this weekend….

1.  Holiday travel can be a pain in the backside.  Pushy crowds, delays, and crying babies don’t exactly scream ‘Merry Christmas!’, but The Everygirl’s guide to packing your carry on in 3 easy tips will make the trip a little easier.

2. We have decided that quality > quantity this year.  Instead of wasting money on meaningless gifts, we are hopping around to spend quality time with our family – memories last a lot longer than a clock from Brookside.

3. After a few times, getting ready for holiday parties can be exhausting.  Shower, blow-dry, makeup, outfit, repeat.  This easy updo from SheSteals.com can be done with damp hair and still look flawless.

4.  Figuring out the perfect hostess gift can be daunting.  Generally, you really can’t go wrong with chilled champagne in a beautiful Glimmer Wrapped Ice Bucket from Anthropologie.

5. Making a beanie look feminine is a challenge.  Kate Spade solved this problem by adding a sweet bow on top.  Genius!  Bows and Sequins styled the bow beanie with some warm preppy accents this year.

6.  Having a wreath on the door says ‘Even though the inside of my home may be a mess, I appear put together.’  Look no further than Fox Hollow Cottage’s assortment of DIY wreaths for the holidays.



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