Weekend Wishlist: 11.15 – 11.16


Happy Weekend!  Most of the country will be pretty frigid this weekend, so I will not be bragging about the sunny + 70 degree weather we will be having here in central Florida too much.  Below I share some perfect things to do inside this fall weekend.

1. I do not have a green thumb.  Like I have said before, I laid a bamboo plant to rest recently.  I am hoping that this list of 9 Air-Cleaning House Plants That Are Nearly Impossible to Kill rings true.  And don’t worry, some of them are really beautiful and require little to no watering and sunlight.  Beautify your home and clean the air with barely any effort? High five!

2. I am currently on a calligraphy high.  I have been searching for the perfect digital translations to jazz up some of my Photoshop work and finally hit the jackpot on the Nectar Collective.  In addition to 10 [free] Gorgeous Calligraphy Fonts they link to, they also suggest red flags to check the licenses for before downloading.

3.  With that cold weather approaching, I need a refresher course on how best to layer clothing.  Glam Radars offers tips and some amazing ideas on how to perfect the layered look this Fall.

4.  Lauren Conrad can do no wrong in the fashion + beauty world, but her Fall Reading List proves there is more to her.  Some of the options on this list have received a lot of press, but others are dark horses that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.  So cozy up with a blanket, hot coffee, and some of these reads this weekend.

5.  Ever heard of a Brookie? It’s a brownie and cookie in one and the product of Urban Bakes sinfully genius mind.  With holiday gatherings right around the corner, this is a great option that is sure to please all your guests.

6.  Something about the colder weather makes me even more introspective than I am normally.  This article from Huffington Posts explains the 10 Ways Introverts Interact Differently with the World.  I seem to surround myself with extroverts, so realizing that shyness and introversion are not the same is pretty refreshing. Not to mention it justifies holing up this weekend with the hubs and pooch.

Even though its chilly outside, warm your belly with some brookies and your soul with some good reads and call it a weekend!



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