Weekend Wishlist: 11.8 – 11.9



Am I right? This weekend is pretty jam packed, but this is what’s occupying my mind.

1.  I consider organization a hobby rather than a skill.  Do you ever have those days when you have a million things bouncing around in your head, but you never seem to get them all into one concise thought?  My brain has been in this limbo state almost all week!  Hopefully Refinery 29’s article “7 apps for Getting Sh*t Done” will help me cure my recently diagnosed limbo brain.

2. Do you ever think, “I’m X years old, I should be [insert milestone here].” I have been doing this too often, and will be repeating the “Live your life and forget your age” mantra in my head while I figure out my next steps in life.  Age is just a number anyway, right?  That’s Hugh Hefner’s motto, and he’s doing alright…I think.

3.  This is actually the year!  I will do holiday shopping in advance, and not go broke with the help of The Everygirl’s article and Chippmunk, an easy to use digital coupon site.  Check it out + save save save!

4.  I am currently coveting West Elm’s Parsons desk in lacquer white.  It seems like every amazing blogger’s office (check out all these amazing ideas from Live Creating Yourself for design inspiration) that I pin features this desk.  I have so much style inspiration in this limbo brain of mine that sooner or later I will design the perfect work space…or just keep pinning.

5.  Yesterday, I literally used 4 different purses in the span of 12 hours.  I know I left something in every one of them too, and I am tired of running late because I’m digging through all my bags looking for my sunglasses.  This Slim Purse Organizer on Mochi Things might just be the fix.

6.  Recently, I participated in a blogging webinar where I digitally met bloggers all over the world, including Chloe from Boxwood Avenue.  While reading through her blog, I realized that we both share a love for calligraphy.  Check out her Guide to the Web’s Best Calligraphy Tutorials + Advice and get creative!

Have a great weekend!



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