Atlanta Road Trip Photo Recap

Isn’t it funny how your parents become your best friends when you grow up?  I was lucky enough to realize this earlier than most.  In the past two months, I have gotten to spend time with each of my parents – just the two of us. If you can swing it, I  would recommend road trips with your parents as a unique way to get to know them individually as an adult.  You really learn a lot about them when you sit in traffic and decide whether or not to parallel park.

My mom and I traveled up to Atlanta for a calligraphy class and to have some girls time.  My mom is and always has been my best friend.  She is the kindest, most gentle, and most generous person I will ever meet.  I am so thrilled that I realize each day that I am more like her than I ever knew, and we had a blast on our trip!  Take a peek at my photo recap below.


Momma was so proud that she parallel parked her beast of a car that we had to capture that moment.  You go girl!


The Festival on Ponce was a great way to spend a beautiful afternoon!  (Check out that sky!) The bi-annual festival features art, jewelry, and hand-made goods.


I consider myself artsy, but not in the “Let’s spend the afternoon at the gallery kind of way.”  The art at the Festival was widely appealing and entertaining to even the least artsy visitors.   Above is art from my two favorite festival finds – Heather Baumbach and Chad Moore of Piffle Pics.


The handmade jewelry scene was on point at the Festival on Ponce.  Cameoko and Cameron Kruse Designs were my favorites with beautiful displays and products.


Also on display were beer bottle candles.  How creative!


My favorite memory from this trip (other than the room service eating, Food Network watching, girl talking Sunday night in our snazzy hotel) was chowing down on a bag of kettle corn from MooseHead Kettle Corn.  They had every flavor you can imagine.  We walked around looking at art and people watching, and even though I spilled most of the bag on the ground in a vendor’s tent, we had a great time!

Thanks for an awesome trip, Momma!  Love you!



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