Weekend Wishlist : 11.1 – 11.2


Happy Friday!  I hope you are welcoming November with a bang!  Here’s what I’m looking forward to this weekend:

1.  Keaton Row – My genius sister (in law) told me about Keaton Row two weeks ago in Atlanta.  Basically, you answer a few questions about your body type, price points, and color preferences, and you select a stylist who then puts together a lookbook tailored to your style.  I have signed up as a stylist in an attempt to quell my thirst for pricey items by helping others purchase them instead!  If you’re interested in signing up with me, follow this link.

2.  Mindy, be my BFF – Any Mindy Project addicts know that this silly little thing called the World Series has been depriving us of the required weekly dose of our favorite hot Indian gyno.  To hold you over until the next episode, check out this story from Entertainment Weekly about the set, and get a list of stores where you can buy a few of the items that make Mindy’s apartment colorful, quirky, and feminine.

3.  Wrenn JewelryWrenn Jewelry is a small business that makes reasonably priced handmade jewelry.  I love that each piece is unique and adds a little sparkle to any outfit.  You can find pretty much any color in the rainbow, and they even have men’s items like snazzy cufflinks.  Heyyy, early Christmas shopping ideas.

4.  While we’re at it, TSwift, be my BFF – There is just no denying that Taylor Swift’s new album is intoxicating.  Every new song I hear is catchy and different from what we have heard before and a long cry from the country teen we first met.  My favorite (so far) is Out of the Woods.  Take a listen!

5.  Chi Curls – As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m all about Chi curls in the cooler months.  But I must say that I am getting a little tired of the same old curls.  This post by Dirty Looks gives tips for creating 3 different curls using a straightener.

6.  NUTELLA – Move over cinnamon rolls, it’s Nutella Rolls time! I love making warm breakfast foods to enjoy in November and December.  If these aren’t on your menu at some point in the next two months, you’re missing out.  Please excuse me while I salivate for a moment.

Hope your weekend is a happy and safe one!



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