Weekend Wishlist 10.25 – 10.26


It’s beginning to look a lot more like fall in the Sunshine State! That means highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s, but I’ll take it.  With high hopes of cool breezes and keeping my windows open all day, I have a lot of feel-good items on my weekend wishlist!

1.  Caffeinate  in Style – Ashley Brooke Designs is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram because every shot she posts exudes happiness!  This week she debuted new mugs that are just begging for a latte.  Check them out, and follow her on Instagram stat!

2. Little Milemarkers –  I am working on a post about relationships and love.  A little outside the realm of my typical posts, but it is something that keeps me motivated, so I wanted to share it with you.  Stay tuned to the blog in the next few weeks for a post with plenty of embarrassing stories about me and the hubs.

3. Bloggin Over Thyme –  Mmmm pecan pancakes.  Alliteration and food, does it get any better?  This is a blog by a woman who I worked with briefly in the DC area.  She has a real passion for food, and it is evident in her posts.  Something about pecan pancakes feels even more seasonal to me than pumpkin.

4.  Paris in the Fall –  Fellow Jessica over at Bows + Sequins brings to life how I think my outfits look in my head.  She combines basics beautifully, and I love her surprising pops of color.  Not to mention she recently visited Paris, and the photos are breathtaking!

5.  UGH Painting –  Yes, we are painting our house once again.  We have only been here a little over a year, but already the walls are too much.  This muted blue/gray I discovered on Katie Taylor’s Home tour on The Everygirl is ideal! Now let’s work on convincing my other half.

6.  Nice is the New Mean – If you aren’t reading Refinery 29 daily yet, you need to start now.  This article in particular left me with a warm-fuzzy feeling.  There are far too many stories of diva behavior these days, and reading about celebrities bringing light to more pressing issues than “Who wore it better” is refreshing.  CheersSunshine


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