Bunco for All Children’s Hospital

Last week was the Inaugural Bunco Night for the Tampa Branch of the All Children’s Hospital Guild.  We were all a bit nervous hosting a bunco event since none of us had played the game before, but it was a great success!  We decided on a Masquerade theme with orange, black, and accents of silver throughout for a little seasonal flare.  The members collected donated prizes from places like The Bar Method, Blo Blow Dry Bar, and Darden Restaurants that were then raffled off.  We also offered dinner graciously provided by The Olive Garden and home-baked sweets like pumpkin cookies and cake pops.



The children from the outpatient center created our centerpieces – handmade masks.  These masks were also auctioned off for any guests who were not able to bring their own mask, but still wanted to participate in the Best Mask Contest.  However, many of our guests had impressive masks!  Ranging from original designs to masks from New Orlean’s Mardi Gras.



Hope to see you at the next ACH Tampa Branch Event, and Happy Halloween!





3 thoughts on “Bunco for All Children’s Hospital

    • IvorySunshine says:

      Bunco is not easy to explain, so take a look at the Wikipedia page. Basically, it is a bit more of a conversation starter for a group of people who have just met. With bingo you sit in the same seat all night, with bunco you move tables after each round and get a new teammate! It was really fun!

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