Weekend Wishlist: 10.10.14 – 10.11.14


Whew!  I thought that getting back from vacation would be easier if I packed my week with work, volunteering, and minimal down time.  It completely skipped my mind that after days of sleeping in until 10 and eating sweets and fast food on the road that this might not be the best idea. (A photo recap of my trip is coming soon!) Good news: I made it, and I am looking forward to one full day of relaxation this week mixed with some work.  I’m also looking forward to the next 6 things on my Weekend Wishlist.

1.  Lutha! –  I know the show is actually called Luther, but with my amazing British accent it sounds like Lutha!  If you have not gotten on board with this BBC program, you are missing out!  It is the perfect amount of suspense for me and Nico, who doesn’t care for sitting on the edge of his seat quite as much as I do.  I plan on binging this weekend.  There are only 3 seasons, but there is talk of a film.  Fingers crossed!

2. All Children’s Hospital Bunco – Yes, I have already mentioned Bunco for ACH, but it is right around the corner now!  Come out and support ACH Pallative Care Program by playing Bunco, eating Olive Garden, and going home with raffles and prizes. Easy enough, right?!  It is this upcoming Thursday, Oct. 16, from 6-9pm at the All Children’s Outpatient Care Center located at 12220 Bruce B Downs Blvd in Tampa.  You may see some dice cake pops as a take home favor by yours truly.  Check out our Facebook page to RSVP.

3.  A Fresh Start – My make up bag is looking pretty sad.  Dried out mascara, thick lip gloss, and crumbled eye shadow are unfortunately a little too common.  I will be using The Everygirl’s guide on When to Toss Your Makeup religiously as I replenish and restock for fall.

4.  Punkins’! – I really wish Florida had some real pumpkin patches.  Sure, we have road side citrus stands that have a pumpkin here and there, but in the Tampa area a real patch is scarce.  This is one of the few times I miss Alachua County and their corn maze and patches.  However, this weekend, I could really go for the perfect pumpkin.  I am thinking about painting instead of carving this year with inspiration from Lolly Jane’s options.   Less gooey and it will actually last through Halloween.  Suggestions on patches and painting welcome!

5. Being the sunshine for someone else –  In the last few weeks, two of my very best friends have had to face extremely difficult times.  For a moment, it seemed like I became an adult almost overnight having to deal with illness and death.  I have lived a charmed life, and I struggle with giving these beautiful people advice on how to deal with situations that no one should encounter.  The best I can do is try to remain positive, and encourage smiles across the faces of people who have done the same for me.

6. Plunging –  I have been coveting Hunter boots for too long.  Of course, they are great for a typical fall that lasts months.  Florida hasn’t seen one of those in awhile, but I am justifying this purchase by using these bad boys to plunge into puddles during our daily Summer afternoon rainstorms.   I love how Rachel of Pink Peonies styles hers – lots of inspiration for any color boot to fill the days while I’m eagerly awaiting the first day I can wear mine!

Happy Weekend!



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