Weekend Wishlist 9.20 – 9.21


Happy Friday! I have to work this weekend at a wedding on the beach.  I know, I have a rough life.  But I have no problem celebrating the weekend with the rest of you!  Here is what’s on my mind this final summer weekend….

1.  Ikea Hacks – Buzzfeed is good for so many things – usually a good laugh.  But I recently found this list that is the most comprehensive list of Ikea Hacks I have ever seen.  Not only that, but they don’t seem like you need to have a Masters degree in Engineering from MIT to complete.  Before I run for West Elm or Crate and Barrel next time, I will be checking out this list to save a few bucks and get a completely unique piece.

2. Lather Up! – Like I said, I have the beach in my future.  This Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is my BFF.  I prefer the oil free version which has an SPF of 20.  Combining this product with your typical foundation and buffing with a Stipple brush provides perfect coverage and sun protection all day with one mid-day reapplication.

3.  Can I go back to school too? –  Back to school shopping didn’t mean buying a new wardrobe for me since I wore a uniform from K-12.  It meant school supplies.  Lots of school supplies.  In the 3 years since I graduated from UF (Go Gators!), I have missed nothing more than the smell of new notebooks, pencil cases, and Sharpie pens.  I am working on an upcoming blog post about grown-up and stylish office supplies, starting with inspiration from The Everygirl founder Alaina Kaczmarski’s Lincoln Park apartment office.  Yes, it’s as amazing as you’d think.

4.  All Purpose Bag-  I am one lucky girl.  I have a mother who hands down all of her accessories that she doesn’t wear anymore.  Most recently, I was excited to get her secondhand Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote.  (I know, I have the best momma EVER.)  First, let me say that she saw the bag as beautiful, but the fact that it didn’t fit easily under airplane seats or zip up the middle were deal-breakers for her, dream-makers for me.  This bag is literally perfect for nearly every scenario.  It fits everything you need, including my Kate Spade agenda, without looking like a bulky bag-lady accessory.  If I haven’t sold you enough, check out how Emily Gemma of The Sweetest Thing styles hers in so many versatile ways.  SOLD!

4. Worry Wart –  I definitely would call myself anxious, but expressing myself through this blog has actually been oddly relaxing.  I have gotten great response from strangers and friends alike.  I was pinning the other day and came across this apropos quote.  I have spent a lot of time worrying myself, primarily with things that I cannot control.  I am finally at a point in my life where I feel like I am coming into my own woman, realizing my priorities and determining a direction that is all my own.  This quote is my mantra this weekend, and I hope it’s yours also.  Weekends are for warriors, not worriers!

5.  Team LC –  Yes, that is a Hills reference.  Watching Lauren Conrad transition from ‘reality’ starlet to fashion mogul and lifestyle blogger has been one of the few shining lights in Hollywood.  I bought the most recent edition of US Weekly just to see her wedding pictures.  (Congrats to the happy couple!)  My real reason for including this on my weekend wishlist is because of her flawless execution of the ombre hairstyle.  I am hoping to change up my look a little this fall with the ombre look, and I’m starting with Conrad for inspiration.  Check out this list of her top 30 hairstyles from Prettydesigns.com to find your own inspiration! Stay tuned to my Instagram account for pics of my new do…!

Cheers + Sunshine, 



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