Community Spotlight: Downtown Dunedin


My husband and I have lived in Florida our entire lives except for one year that we spent in the DC area.  We knew soon after leaving the Sunshine State that we wanted and needed to come back.  It’s places like Downtown Dunedin that give central Florida a wonderfully unique vibe that confirms that not all Floridians are tanned beach bums.

Downtown Dunedin is a perfect destination for a Saturday afternoon of shopping and dining.  Just about 30 minutes from Tampa, Dunedin,originally settled by the Scottish, hosts over 25 festivals annually.  Even on an “off-weekend”, the downtown district is bustling thanks in large part to its beautiful views and art galleries.


You’re welcomed to the downtown district by a beautiful mural of “Dunedin” that showcases some of the best that Dunedin has to offer including the Toronto Blue Jays training stadium, citrus fruits, Scottish traditions, and those beautiful views.  Throughout the town you will also see small oranges painted in random locations.  Next time you visit, I challenge you to spot all of small murals that are a rare form of Chamber approved graffiti.


Everywhere you look in Dunedin has quaint spots to relax and enjoy a cool drink.  Dunedin takes great advantage of recycled train parts.  From restaurants in repurposed train cars to statues of conductors, a rich rail history is present in the small district.  Check out the Historical Museum on Main Street for a full history of this picturesque location.




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