Labor Day Weekend Wishlist


Trying out a new look for this Labor Day Weekend Wishlist! What do you think?

1.  Hey Billy, you’re so fine! – I have a serious closet organization issue.  One of the Ikea Billy Bookcases takes up 1/4 of my storage space, and I just don’t know how best to utilize it.  What should be an organizational oasis is a mashup of old shoes and pristine handbags.  My goal is something like Decozilla’s example.  So Operation Billy begins now!  Well, maybe after this cup of iced coffee….

2.  Da, Da, Da, Da, Da…..Go Gators! –  If you didn’t know, I bleed orange and blue.  It is officially the beginning of college football, and I am more excited this year than before! I actually really enjoy watching College Gameday first thing Saturday morning (except for those depressing Tom Rinaldi segments), even though I’ll miss my date with The Pioneer Woman each Saturday.  While I know the experts don’t have the highest hopes for the Gators this season, I am so excited to see that first game in the Swamp!

3.  Spoonful of Flavor – This weekend, I am salivating thinking about Peanut Butter Oatmeal With Marshmallows and Chocolate Chips by my Twitter follower, Spoonful of Flavor.  Her blog is a must-read when I hear by stomach grumbling.  Check it out and follow her on Twitter at @SpoonfulFlavor.

4.  Weekend Soundtrack-  Echosmith’s Cool Kids is not my typical sound, but every time it comes on I start this head-bob that is contagious and super cool (read: your mom’s version of a super cool head-bob).  I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like this song.  And the best part….it hasn’t been overplayed on the radio yet!

5.  Say it with me, 3 day weekend! – That’s right, 3 whole days off! I think it is the combination of our warm Florida weather meeting my revitalized love for the SEC that makes me want monogrammed everything, like this amazing hat from Gladeville Farmhouse on Etsy.  They monogram everything, but I chose this beach hat to try to encourage people to cover up on the beach this Labor Day weekend!  If you don’t wear sunscreen, at least look like a classy southern girl in this hat! (But seriously, wear sunscreen).

6.  Naked vs. Revealed – No, not that naked and revealed.  I’m talking about the eyeshadow.  Sheesh, get your head out of the gutter.  I got the Coastal Scents Revealed 2 color palette in my Birchbox, and I love it for my fair skin! I have a rosy undertone, and this palette has the most beautiful shades of rosy taupe to contrast and complement my skin at the same time.  This is rare for me, so I am embracing it.  I think the Revealed palette can give the Urban Decay Naked palette a run for its money!

Have a safe Labor Day Weekend!

Cheers + Sunshine,





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