Basic Bedside Beauty


As far as I’m concerned, your skin is one of those things you’re stuck with.  You can tan it and tighten it, but either way you’re still going to have to look at it everyday in the mirror.  Being an extremely fair-skinned person, I had the importance of proper skin care instilled in me at a young age.

In addition to applying sunscreen to my face (at minimum) daily, I follow a simple bedside beauty routine to hydrate my skin as it rests overnight.  My routine consists of devoting attention to the areas listed above: knees + elbows, feet, hands, cuticles, face, and lips.

Knees + Elbows:  There is nothing worse than seeing scaly skin on a stranger’s knees or elbows.  It is simple to avoid by moisturizing these areas daily.  I use Nivea Smooth Sensation Lotion.  It is definitely a heavier, more oily product, but that works well on the these tough spots.  Rub the product in thoroughly to make sure that it penetrates the top thicker layer of skin.

Feet: Ahhh, the feet.  Particularly in Florida, people are subject to seeing other’s feet more than elsewhere.  Do humanity a favor, and take better care of them!  I have found that the best way to do so starts in the shower.  Either while still showering, or immediately after, hit those callouses with a pumice stone.  This will remove a lot of dead skin.  If you still have some trouble spots, draw up a foot bath of equal parts Listerine and white vinegar and pour it into warm water.  Let your feet sit for 20 minutes, and the dead skin will practically fall off. ( No, really.  It will fall off your feet.  It is like a mad science experiment.)  After you’ve dried off, but while your feet are still moist, apply more of  Nivea Smooth Sensation Lotion.  Put on some socks and let your feet soak up the moisture overnight.  They will feel fresh and smooth in the morning!

Hands: Your hands do so much every day.  You don’t really realize that they are involved in nearly everything you do, and are typically exposed to sunlight the most.  Make sure you protect them with sunscreen during the day.  I love Supergoop!  I got it for the first time as a Birchbox sample, and it has been one of my favorite new finds.  It applies like a lotion and doesn’t leave you sticky.  At the end of the day, apply Jergens Original Scent Lotion.  This product is lighter and leaves you less greasy, so you can still open your water bottle afterwards.

Cuticles: Personally, I love a good manicure.  But a few days after, don’t you notice that your cuticles are already dry and peeling?  That’s why I started using Lemony Flutter from Lush.  The scent is amazing – refreshing and citrusy without being overwhelming.  I massage it into my cuticles every night, and it keeps my manicure looking like new!

Face: I have oily + sensitive skin.  Lucky me!  I have searched high and low, and I have finally landed on an overnight cream that gives me the softest skin in the morning – Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream.  Apply just a dime size amount of cream, and massage it onto your face ( and I continue onto my neck as well).  When I first started using it, I could feel results after ONE use!  Highly recommended!

Lips:  I have flip-flopped between lip balms, creams, Chapstick, etc. for overnight use, but usually still end up with flaky lips in the morning.  (Maybe I sleep with my mouth wide open? I’m not saying I do, and I’m not saying I dont!)  So I went back to basics.  Yes, Carmex.  I keep a jar of Everyday Healing Lip Balm next to my bed, and apply it last thing before I hit the lights, and I know fresh, smooth lips are in my future.

There you have it!  A simple bedside beauty routine that will cost you no more than $50 a quarter and 10 minutes each night.  It may seem like a daunting list to do after a night on the town, but just remember how refreshed you will feel the next morning.  So, hydrate and sleep tight!

Cheers + Sunshine,



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