Weekend Wishlist : 8.16.14 – 8.17.14


Friday already?! Oh yeah!

Here’s what’s on deck for this weekend:

1.  Iggy Azalea, love her or hate her?  Either way, whatever she touches seems to turn into gold.  If you can get that I-G-G-Y part of “Fancy” out of your head, let me know the secret.  This week, I’ve got “Black Widow” on repeat.  It’s an edgy version of the Spice Girls’ 90s take on girl power.  Can’t wait for Iggy + Rita Ora to perform “Black Widow” live on the MTV VMAs on August 24th (yes, the VMAs are still a guilty pleasure of mine)!

2. I’m in need of some fruity drinks and girl talk this weekend.  Fizzy Lizzy, anyone?  Hoping to try Cru Cellars in South Tampa.  Let me know what you recommend if you’ve been there!

3.  Is it football season yet?  While I still have two weeks until orange and blue is a required staple in my wardrobe again, I’m hoping to get working on my decorations for the season.  I’ve found lots of inspiration over at She’s Kinda Crafty.  Go Gators!

4.  Speaking of my wardrobe, I am ready to purge the ole closet and get ready for fall.  This year, I’m going back to basics.  I plan on donating A LOT and adding a few new items like these Rag and Bone Classic Leather booties.

5.  Mmmm cupcakes.  This week is the Great St. Pete Cupcake Contest at the Morean Arts Center, and it’s free!  Yes, FREE!  So, I’ll see you there, right?  Let me remind you – FREE CUPCAKES.  If you want to make some cupcakes at home, try these Funfetti Cupcakes from Cooking Classy.

Happy Weekend!

Cheers + Sunshine, 



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