Weekend Wishlist : 8.9.14 – 8.10.14


Happy Friday, y’all!

With so many changes going on in our lives professionally, we are looking forward to a relaxing, bright, fun weekend here in the Sunshine State.  Here’s some of the fun that I’m excited for…

1.  One of my best friends and I are motivating each other to reach our fitness goals.  When we exercise or eat a great meal, we send pics or updates to one another to keep us on track.  One week in, and we are doing well!  Hoping to get a run and some tennis in this weekend.  Bring on the sunscreen! Now if only I had workout clothes as cute as this tank.

2.  I had been getting gel manicures for nearly 8 months straight.  My manicurist recommended that I give them a break, so I am back to doing it old school!  This weekend, I’m rocking pink paws – Essie’s I Am Strong to be exact. Fun, feminine, and bright!

3.  Hoping to get in a little date night this weekend with the hub.  I love this Kate Spade dress for a summer date night.  Dress is up with peep toes or go casual with sandals.

4.  Alright, have you heard this “Bang Bang” song?!  If you’ve watched the Today Show at all this week, you will know that Al Roker shared my enthusiasm for it.  Its upbeat and the perfect summer weekend soundtrack.

5.  Two words – Iced Coffee.  I have been working hard to perfect at-home iced coffee that doesn’t require cheese cloth or too much effort.  I am nearly there, so I will be tweaking it a bit this weekend and posting a how-to soon!  I’d love to pour my perfect recipe right into this motivational Crate + Barrel mug.

Have a great weekend!

Cheers + Sunshine,



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