Weekend Wishlist

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Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone.  Now we are left with cold, dreary days and Christmas decorations that are a grim reminder that the next holiday season is a whole year away.  This weekend is supposed to be another dreary, rainy one in Tampa.  Instead of wallowing in bed, I am going to get some work done around the house!

I plan on wearing all my flannel this weekend and forcing Nico to do the same! (Just kidding, I think he loves his flannel pants more than I do.) One of my favorite flannel shirts is the one above from Gap – similar one here.   Nothing says dreary day + I just want to be comfy like flannel.  I may add some pearls to feel a little fancy, but the focus will be flannel lots of it.  Also, wearing flannel while taking your Christmas decorations down is a great way to still feel like you’re enjoying the holidays all over again!

Saturday mornings mean two things: a big ole mug of hot coffee with cream  and Sweet n Low (preferably in the adorable Antrhopologie mugs above)  and The Pioneer Woman.  I like to fancy myself a decent baker, but Nico is the chef extraordinaire in our family.  I got TWO Pioneer Woman cookbooks this Christmas, and I am really excited to try a new recipe each week! I would love to do more but time and the fact that Ree likes to use butter and cream often suggest I keep it at one a week.

What’s on your Weekend Wishlist?

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