health+ happiness : 2013 in review

Whew! 2013 has been an amazing – and as cliché as it might sound, fast – year! Thankfully, it has also been one of the best years for me.

My hub and I bought our first home this year! We have  completely moved in and fully furnished our place…which only took 4 months.  Our little 1925 Spanish style home is in walking distance to Bayshore Blvd., the world’s longest sidewalk, so that is a nice motivating factor when it comes to those after work runs.


Nico excited on closing day!

Once we were settled in the house, I finally convinced Nico to let us add to our family.  We got our first puppy, Wrigley, in December.  Our little guy is an energetic mini goldendoodle named after Wrigley Field, home of Nico’s beloved Cubs.  With this lucky charm, let’s hope this is the Cubs’ year!

Those little eyes just melt my heart!

Those little eyes just melt my heart!

On a more personal and superficial note, I became much more adventurous with my hair.  From birth to high school, I had super long blonde hair.  I thought it was a trademark of mine, but I’m definitely more comfortable with change now.  I started the year with strawberry blonde long hair with bangs and ended with short blond without bangs.

If you are considering changing your do in 2014, I’d recommend doing it! If you hide behind your hair, which I certainly did for a long time, you will feel insecure for a bit but then you’ll find a new confidence.  And if that backfires, there are always hats, ponytails, and more dye!


Can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for me!

sign off


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